A collection of vehicles that have two things in common: they are green and have 3 wheels.

Twike. The human hybrid

Already on sale in many countries. The basic version costs approximately 20,500 euros and the version with luxury interiors and the best equipment can go up to around 35,000 euros. Interesting about Twike is that it a hybrid that combines electricity with the human force through pedals. Perhaps its a good thing to stay fit :) It is designed to carry 2 passengers in any atmospheric condition with speed and style and without emissions of any type.

Official site: http://www.twike.com/
pdf overview: http://www.twike.us/TWIKE_an%20_overview_usa.pdf

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Neetin Patidar disse...

I actually started to dive in to this topic around 2003, and got painful experiences back then, wasting a lot of time for nothing. I stopped when I did not understand much about it and made myself buried with other things. Now I am back again. Your blog is a great inspiration to me and I can let my older brother know about this.

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