A collection of vehicles that have two things in common: they are green and have 3 wheels.

NmG Myers Motors

NmG is a three wheeled,
highway-legal, all electric vehicle created by Myers Motors.
NmG means No More Gas.
The vehicles are so eye-catching that Hollywood star Mike Myers featured a group of them in the movie Austin Powers in Goldmember

The single-passenger, three-wheeled NmG has outstanding acceleration, can reach speeds of 70 mph and has a range of 30 miles between charges. A unique driving experience is gained through the NmG’s low center of gravity and its power being delivered via the single rear wheel.

Priced at $24,900, the NmG comes in dazzling exterior colors. Standard amenities include audio system, adjustable bucket seat, accessory outlets, 6-cubic-foot trunk, power windows, and heater.

Official website: http://www.myersmotors.com/