A collection of vehicles that have two things in common: they are green and have 3 wheels.


A velomobile is a fully enclosed recumbent (usually a trike) that is designed for use in all weather.

Modern velomobiles are available in two flavors: fully enclosed and open cockpit. The fully enclosed models offer better weather protection but they are usually more expensive and a bit more complicated. The open designs are less expensive and are slightly more popular at the moment.They are mostly human powered and there are lots of different vehicles of this kind from different countries with different designs.

You can find more information about this vehicles: http://www.bentrideronline.com/Buyer's%20Guide/velomobileguide.htm


The Ped-3 is a velomobile built in 2007 designed by Marko A. Kovačič. It protects the driver from cold wind and rain.

price: 4300 euros


- Aerorider

It is made mostly out of fiberglass and as a nice design. It is a bit heavier than many of its competitors but it does come complete with an electric drive motor. Steering is accomplished with sidesticks and a large portion of the greenhouse tilts forward to allow entry.

Price – Approximately 5500€


- Sunrider

The sunrider is a pure human powered vehicle, this velomobile has a sleek design and is considerably lighter than the Aerorider.
The price of the Sunrider will be considerably lower. If you’re in good shape and you ride in flat terrain the Sunrider might be the best option.

It's from the same company of the aerorider:



The Alleweder was the first commercially successful velomobile. It is an aluminum monocoque trike that is steered by way of an above seat tiller. It has full suspension and an open cockpit that can be partially covered with a canvas top in bad weather.

Price- $4500 complete in the US, 3300€ complete in Europe.

- Cab-Bike

It is available in its original fully enclosed form. If you have a desire for something a bit faster, Cab-Bike now offers the open-top Speedster. If you really can’t decide you can order it both ways. The Cab-Bike easily converts back and forth between the two styles.
This velomobile is most well known for its on-board storage capacity. It has suspension on all three wheels and uses a tiller steering mechanism. The top half of the Cab-Bike opens to the side to permit entry.

Price – 5500€ “Standard”, 5400€ for the Speedster


- Go-one

The Go-One is made almost entirely on carbon fiber. It has full suspension and a large greenhouse. Like many of its competitors it comes complete with lighting and a wide range of gears.

Price – Starting at 9500€



The Leiba is a fiberglass monocoque that uses full suspension and sidestick control.

Price – 4500€


- Leitra

The Leitra is built on a chromoly tube chassis with carbon fiber leaf front suspension. The front wheels are not enclosed inside th

e shell but are covered by a set of wheel pants. Leitras are made to custom fit the individual buyer but a sliding boom is optional.

Price – Starting at 3950€ complete


- Quest

The Quest is Velomobiel.nl’s first and fastest model. It is a rather long machine and it has a limited turning radius due to the fact that the wheels are tucked away in the fairing. It is quite popular though and has performed quite well in races.

Price– 4600€


- Mango

From the same

company that created quest, mango is is basically a shorter version of the Quest with the wheels exposed.

Price – 3800€


- Tri-Sled Sorcerer

Tri-Sled is well known for its simplistic design yet very functional.

The Sorcerer’s chassis is loosely based on the Gizmo high performance trike. The fiberglass fairing that fits over it is available in two versions. One open cockpit that leaves the wheels open and one that has the rider and the wheels fully enclosed. The former is aimed at the “average” velomobile rider and the latter is designed primarily for racing.

The Sorcerer is not suspended and uses an underseat steering system.

Price – Starting at $7500 AUD.



It has full suspension and has been seen with in both fully enclosed and open cockpit versions.

Price – Starting at 5800€


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Apologies for posting in English. A new velomobile to add:
Organic Transit ELF

made in Durham, NC, US and factories are being investigated around the world.


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