A collection of vehicles that have two things in common: they are green and have 3 wheels.

Clever Project

Gas-powered, this vehicle can reduce traffic and pollution in the cities.
With 3 meters length and 1 meter width, this vehicle has been developed by investigators and specialists from 9 European countries, including specialists from BMW. It was created through a $2.7 million project called Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport Vehicle (CLEVER).

It can transport the driver on front and a passenger behind.
When the driver turns the direction a computer controlled hydraulic system tilts the vehicle to a maximum of 45º to the left or right keeping it stable.

Reduction of atmosferic emissions

With maximum speed of 100 km/h and powered with a natural gas engine, this vehicle produces only 60 grams of carbon emissions per km. This value is far away from the actual less pollutant vehicles like Toyota Prius that has 100 grams per km of emissions. It is more economic, quiet, less pollutant and smaller - perfect for the city.


The CLEVER vehicle is a motorcycle for licensing purposes, and is therefore not covered by any crash directives. Nevertheless it achieves the same level of passive safety as a modern small car.
If it goes to production the estimate cost will range the $11,500 US.

Official site: http://www.clever-project.net

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