A collection of vehicles that have two things in common: they are green and have 3 wheels.


It has space for two passengers and 160 km/h top speed. The design was created by the BMW Group Designworks USA.
The VentureOne uses a patented technology from the Carver that allows the body to tilt when the driver turns the direction, while the three wheels remain in contact with the ground, keeping the vehicle stable providing a unique driving experience. Beyond the hybrid version powered with electric and fossil combustible, the company is also planning to sell a totally electric version without atmospheric emissions and with 120 km/h top speed and 321 km autonomy.

The production should start on 2008 and the electric VentureOne should cost around $23.000 US while the hybrid version around $20.000 US

Video from the old parent "Carver One" on TopGear:

Official Site: http://www.flytheroad.com/

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